collage of canopies and awnings

Awnings & Canopies

Here at NEA Signs LLC no matter what kind of look you are seeking for your business front, we can devise something just right for you! Canopies and awnings make a great addition to any building and we can custom design your business logo or text in a unique and inviting way to get your customers coming through your doors! Not only do canopies and awnings create a timeless, professional look, they keep your employees and customers protected from the elements when entering your business. We work with you to custom design your awning or canopy and then professionally install it. Contact NEA Signs in Paragould, Arkansas today to get started designing your awning or canopy for your business.

installing an awning


Easy to install and highly functional, awnings add visual flair and shade for your business entrance. This lightweight structure ensures ease of maintenance and removal while attaching securely to your business front. Awnings can be expansive and multi-tiered depending on the size of your commercial front. Talk with NEA Signs today about how we can enhance your entryway with a custom awning!


Similar to an awning, canopies are permanent structures that can be attached or detached from your business front. These rounded coverings offer weather protection and a pleasant appearance that can be tailored to your requests. As pictured on the right, we can integrate company logos, slogans, and colors to promote your brand. Talk more about us today about how we can personalize a canopy for your company!

NEA Insurance canopy

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